For all adventurers over 5

Quirk Theatre and Exeter Phoenix present their fourteenth annual Christmas show, bringing original music and innovative and highly entertaining live theatre to nearly four thousand people at Christmas time.

Join us, 100 years after Ernest Shackleton’s famous expedition, and follow in the great man’s footsteps with a wonderfully silly and exceptionally inventive tale for all the family.

Setting off on the good ship Endurance with a brave crew, Ernie’s dream comes true – an adventure across the ice to the frozen world of Antarctica. Battling through huge seas and snow storms until…CRACK! The ship gets stuck in the ice. An unbelievable tale of derring-do, pure determination, penguins and Great British spirit!

The high energy performance of Quirk Theatre's Ernie And The Sea Of Ice charmed, cajoled, involved and ultimately moved a crowd of grown-ups and kids.

-Express and Echo

Each playing an array of colourful characters, Quirk are a strong cast, performing with energy, finesse and clearly enjoying themselves along the way.

-Reviews Hub



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