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Nothing particularly out of the ordinary ever happens on Puffin Island, an unassuming little pile of rock just off the Devon coast. The puffins come and go each year, the islanders and mainlanders quarrel (about EVERYTHING) and then set aside their differences every year to celebrate the best day of the year – Puffin Day! 


Everything carries on as it always has… 


Until one bitterly cold Christmas Eve, a rather unexpected present washes up on the beach in a little boat – an orphaned baby boy. 


When the puffins disappear in the dead of night and no one knows why, this boy has the power to put things right.


But where have the puffins gone? And will he manage to bring them home? 


‘Quirk Theatre know perfectly how to create that magical blend of unmissable fun, laughter and audience participation’

Puffin Island