Stephanie Darkes- Exploring Exeter

Quirk Theatre craft a wonderful story, their sets are beautiful, and the combination of music, puppetry and audience engagement keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. My daughter is six, and she was blown away. If you have smallies, look out for their future productions!
Puffin Island 4.jpg

Jo Burgess- Fool's Paradise

Just writing to congratulate you on a brilliant show.  I came along with a large group at the weekend.  Between us we ranged from 3 to 65 years old and everybody was enthralled.  The set was beautiful, the production was slick and the quick changes were almost unbelievable.  I kept expecting more people to come out at the end and I was so impressed with the characterisation.

Children are the most difficult and discerning audience and you held them for the whole show.  The only disturbance was the child behind us who laughed so loudly at every joke and move, it was delightful.  I enjoyed the fact that I was watching a show that is clearly aimed at a young audience but was thoroughly entertained throughout.  It is not easy to achieve that mix.

Lee Morgan- PRSD

Puffin Island by Quirk Theatre at the Exeter Phoenix is surely a sign that Christmas is here. The memory of entertaining, imaginative enjoyment will keep you warm all year long.
If this is the only time you get to go the theatre for the year, or it’s an intro to live performance for the younglings, you can’t do much better.