Simon Hall

Simon trained at The Hub Theatre School in Cornwall and then toured the West Country with Miracle Theatre for the best part of a decade. He is a founder member of Quirk Theatre and has co written and performed in all of the last sixteen shows. 


Simon did have a teddy bear and has a vivid memory of him being lost, having become untied from the handle bars of his Raleigh Pavemaster, on a cycling adventure in the local woods. He remembers being very distressed and retracing his route with his big brother but, sadly, to no avail! Over the years he has become much better at tying knots.

Katie Villa

Katie is a performer, director and theatre maker living and working in Exeter. After coming to the city to do her drama degree at Exeter university,  Katie found she couldn't bear to leave. She has toured widely with her own theatre company with, 'Theatre Rush', and with her solo show, WILD, which is part of The Birth Project.

Previous performing credits include Helena in 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' at Exeter Northcott, Vera in 'The Blitz Project' and Annie in 'Beanfield' at The Bike Shed Theatre. Katie co- directed 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' with Fin Irwin, directed 'After Dark' by Hugh Janes at The Bike Shed and joined the Quirk team to direct 'The King With Donkey's Ears', 'Ernie & The Sea of Ice', 'Lucy and The Lost Ones' and 'Puffin Island.

Katie's favourite toy was a pound puppy (remember those?) called Scruffy who she couldn't live without. Scruffy was her favourite, but Katie believed all her toys were real, and when she was finally a bit too grown up to have quite so many soft toys and they were relegated to the loft, she made her mum put air holes in the bin bag.  @KatieVillaUK

Meet this year's team

Say hello to the folk who have come on board for The Velveteen Rabbit!

Katherine Stevens

Katherine is a producer, playwright, and poet, living and working in Exeter.  As well as her work with Quirk, she works as Assistant Producer with Kaleider Studios on their Programmes. Katherine works frequently with young artists in the Exeter area, and runs weekly young writers workshops in term time. She is Executive Director for The Young Pretenders Theatre Company, working with young people in Exeter to create powerful and engaged theatre, giving young voices ambitious and influential platforms.

Katherine technically had two favourite toys when she was small; a teddy bear and a blanket, creatively named 'Teddy' and 'Blanket'. They once got lost in Switzerland but made it back home, and are still nestled up happily together at the end of a bed. Katherine used to chew on Teddy's red bow-tie, so now it is more like a mushy peach colour. Very fetching.

Charlie Parker

Charlie is an Exeter based independent theatre producer and Associate Producer for Bristol Old Vic. She has previously worked as Executive Director & Deputy CEO for The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter and Creative Learning Manager for Milton Keynes Theatre. She has an MA in Drama Directing from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and  BA in Arts Management from Oxford Brookes University.


As well as her work with Quirk, Charlie also works with Scratchworks Theatre Company, Idiot Child, Sam Halmarack, Dreadnought South West, Running Dog and Documental Theatre. / @misscaparker

Chris Jones

Now based in the South West of England, Chris has shot films all over the world. He is as happy shooting and lighting drama with a large crew as he is working on documentary or corporate films with minimal kit and crew.  


Chris has won several awards for his work and is a member of the BAFTA Crew and Bristol Crew networks.

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