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Week 2 of Rehearsals: Charice's Blog

Hi folks,

I’m Charice. I play Avni and the Rabbit and I’m on the Quirk blog takeover this week!

So. Week 2. Where do I even begin?! It might be easier to say in a poem…

Week 2. “Who’d like a cuppa?”

Emmanuel Hall a beautiful mess.

Sawdust and banana skins and the smell of pencils we can never find.

“Should clean up in here”, we mumble every lunchtime

But we love our little wreckage

A painting of hard work and laughter

So it stays for now.

Ordeals at home still stinging on Monday morning

But Katie’s brilliant haircut makes us smile.

Celebrating small feats is our fuel this week.

We’ve just discovered that there’s a dishwasher in the green room

Simon calls it the Magic Cupboard

Quirk has a way of doing that, making boring things fun

It’s no surprise then, that Ball in a Bin is our favourite game.

Week 2 is little cries in the workshop,

And hugs backstage that heal,

And rewrites after late-night pep talks

Rewrites that trimmed off the fat

Rewrites that made it sparkle.

Week 2 is battling transitions

Gauze and failed memories our enemies.

Logistical warfare smushes brains

Uncertains about curtains

Refining the timings


But then, somehow,

In a whirlwind of baked goods and impossible solutions,

A strange and wonderful magic takes over.

The bed disappears.

The music arrives.

A fairy takes to the stage.

And just as the shape of something brilliant emerges-

Friday vanishes into the rain.

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