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Quirk regularly collaborate with creatives and artists and are committed to creating valuable, paid development opportunities for artists living and working in the South West.

Any current job opportunities will be listed below. As an organisation we are committed to inclusive hiring and work practices and welcome access riders and/or conversations about how we can support collaborators. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Quirk are interested in collaborating with emerging South West creatives to access internship schemes. Please get in touch if you have an internship opportunity you would like to explore with us.

Design Assistant

£480 fee (£120 per day x 4 days)

Deadline for applications- Midnight 16th October

Quirk Theatre is seeking to hire a Design Assistant, aged 18+ and based in South West England, to support the Designer in delivering costume, set & props to Theatre Green Book baseline standard during rehearsals for Five Children & It (Nov-Dec). 

Job Description

  • Assisting the Designer in creating sets and costumes for the production (including prop buying, painting/making, costume finishing/altering, and set finishing).

  • Attending relevant design meetings & working collaboratively with other members of the Quirk team.

  • Record keeping/updating inventories.

Access Support Worker

£600 fee (£120 days x 5 days)

Deadline for applications- Midnight 16th October

Quirk is seeking someone who can provide access support for an Ensemble Performer who has a chronic illness that often flares up during the production week/s. Candidates must be based near Exeter/in the South West.

Project Dates between 27th Nov & 5th Dec

Essential Characteristics

  • A passion for access & inclusion (training can be provided for any knowledge gaps that would support the responsibilities of this role

  • Able to collaborate in a fast-paced and fun environment.

  • A creative problem solver & good communicator who is able to lead when necessary.

  • Compassionate, understanding, flexible and patient.

A Quirk production session.

Our commitments to the arts sector

  • As arts gatekeepers, we aim to create meaningful, well supported, paid employment and development opportunities for South West Artists wherever and whenever possible.

  • We work with our collaborating artists to tailor their development, exploring an indiviudal artist's access needs, development aims and knowledge gaps.

  • We work hard to make sure our callouts are inclusive, shared widely and are open to all, wherever possible. 

  • We welcome access riders and work closely with our collaborators to find the best ways of working together.

  • With each project, we aim to create a variety of development opportunities: supporting emerging artists on their first professional job; deepening our relationship with early- mid career artists and collaborating with experts in their fields to ensure we are all learning, year on year.

  • We aim to inspire the next generation of change makers, engaging with schools and community members in Devon to demystify arts careers, share our processes and co-create our projects.

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