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What We've Been Humming in the Shower

Our composer Seamas Carey has written some absolute CORKERS for #TheVelveteenRabbit! We grabbed the Quirk cast and team in moments in between the school shows this week to ask them what their favourite tune is:

Rosie: "My favourite of the compositions if I was absolutely forced to choose (because I genuinely love each and every hummer) is the glorious Real Rabbit music. It is so evocative

of watching brown bunnies lazily bounce around an early morning heath, hazy with dawn sunshine and dew drops - it never fails to throw me into an expressive dance backstage!"

Simon: "My favourite song at the moment has to be Lolly’s I’m Back. It’s sung with such abandon and joy. It's is a real high point in the show and I’m just loving being one of her backing singers."

Jack: "My fave has to be Whether You're Old and Lonely. It's a beautiful song and even more beautiful to play on guitar. Taught me a new chord and all!"

Katie: "My favourite song this year is Alice's Song. It runs as a theme throughout the whole show and ends up as a lovely duet that Alice and her step dad, Mike, share. I love the tune but I love the meaning of the lyrics too. Proper makes me well up."

Charice: "Although I love Lolly's I'm Back because it’s so full of punch and pride (and also pain!), I think that the piece of music Seamas has written for the Opening Scene is so gorgeous because it teases you with this tinkly anticipation of Christmas with the warm, welcoming feeling you need for an audience to feel at ease."

Katherine: "There's a very small but very beautiful piece of music in the show called Sad Rabbit... I won't tell you what happens or why Rabbit might be sad, but keep your ears open!"

Fi: "My favourite song is I’m a Horse! It always makes me smile. Simon's journey from earnest to frivolous is fantastic, and Rabbit's open enthusiasm is infectious."

You can read more about Seamas and his wonderful work on his website:

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