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3 Actors performing live in a Quirk Theatre production.
Two actors holding the Mary puppet from the 'Mary the Pidgeon' production
"The high energy performance charmed, cajoled, involved and ultimately moved a crowd of grown-ups an
Rhia performing on a motorbike.
"Quirk Theatre know perfectly how to create that magical blend of unmissable fun, laughter and audie
A 'Mary the Pigeon' workshop in which children created collages of different aspects of the show.
A promotional poster to promote our book: 'Mary: The Pigeon Who Never Gave Up'
A promotional image of a silhouette performance.
Charlie and Mary, two actors, dancing in a Quirk Theatre performance of Mary the Pigeon.
An actor posing with a hat in the shape of rabbit ears.
Mary the Pigeon and the puppeteer on stage in a performance of Mary the pigeon.
"Dressing up and storytelling at its most imaginative. Totally grips young imaginations" - Western M
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