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2020: Hints & Thank Yous


WELL. We've been having a jolly old 2020 time over here at the Quirk HQ! We had the fabulous job of looking back and evaluating everything we did in 2019 with The Velveteen Rabbit and TOY, and we've even gotten to start planning what's next for 2020... so keep your eyes peeled... and look to the sky... *hint* *hint*

You should also be alert in Exeter's city centre! Rumours are that our exhibition TOY is returning to somewhere near you... more on this soon.

We've loved reflecting on everything from last year, and wanted to send a great big THANK YOU out into the universe to the MORE THAN FORTY members of the public who either had their portrait taken with us, or sent us their photo for the TOY exhibition. The wonderful photos and stories truly warmed our hearts and made our Christmas-time even more festive. Take a look at how the exhibition looked at the Phoenix below:

You can still see all the portraits at our Gallery - including the Runners Up and Winner of our #myfavouritetoy competition!

And OF COURSE - a big thank you and congratulations goes to our brilliant young photographers: Ellie, Anneka, Bronwyn, Eve and Azna. Take a look at them and their own teddies below! Also thanks to Nicky Thompson, their awesome mentor. You should take a look at Nicky's own work on her website.

And so, for now - au revoir. Catch you on the fly!

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