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My Internship Experience at Quirk!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

My name is Sofia and I have interned at Quirk as an assistant producer for the last couple of weeks through the University of Exeter’s Professional Pathways programme. This is my first experience in an internship role, and my time at Quirk has been creative, engaging, and super fun!

I have been doing a wide variety of tasks since my internship began, including updating Quirk’s website and social media channels, creating marketing campaigns, and supporting the PR strategy for the Christmas show, ‘Five Children & It’. As a Gen Z, it goes without saying that I am an avid social media user and enjoyed making Instagram and Facebook content to promote the show the company online. I have been planning a media timeline and learning the ropes of fabricating successful marketing campaigns that align with the company goals. Tasks like these have been very exciting due to the bubbly, eccentric energy of Quirk.

Learning the history of the company has been really insightful and has increased my already huge appreciation for theatre and performing arts. The shows are written, rehearsed, and produced with such a collaborative effort that makes the company feel like a family; some of the creative aspects are outsourced to young children, increasing the feeling of community within Quirk. I was pleasantly surprised to learn how committed Quirk are to improving accessibility for both employees and audience members alike – a prime example of this being the addition of relaxed performances. My working environment has been flexible and encouraging and I’ve felt like my contributions are making a real change!

Over the course of my internship, I have attended many ‘Quirkshops’, which have been a chance for me to learn from the writers and directors of the company through guided interactive workshops. These have been an incredible opportunity to gain an insight of how a theatre company is run and how to improve these specialist skills that are often hard to find classes for.

Overall, my experience interning at Quirk has been fantastic. I have completed varied and fulfilling tasks, met amazingly talented people, and felt like I have made a difference in the company. I can’t wait to see how the company grows and I have no doubt that ‘Five Children & It’ will be a phenomenal show!

Written and published by Sofia!

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