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Week 3 of Rehearsals: Rosie's Blog

Week 3 swooped in with such speed, as I knew it would. Filled to the brim with the sort of bustling a mother hen builds her nest. Busy, busy and fervently focused, but generously padded with such love and care for one another and the work we are making.

Katie is certainly working some kind of spells as she holds this process with such precision and grace. Just, wow actually.

I am loving my work so much that I am trying hard not to anticipate the feeling of loss that will follow. I don’t want to stop working with these people!

Week 3 has been full of alchemy. From Fi’s amazing costumes and set really coming alive and bringing everything together to Will’s lighting being the cherry atop an already yummy cake.

Seamas’s compositions are elegant, fizzy and make everything sparkle. They are cheerful earworms accompanying us all to the supermarket and as we go to sleep.

Simon has been working hard being the hero multi-tasker that he is. Any moment he’s not on stage, he’s behind it- tinkering away fixing something or other, making things less creaky, adding magnets to secret entrances and sawing in surprise trap doors. I really don’t know how he does it.

Charice, Jack and I are busy learning any new changes, making mistakes, laughing about it, digging deep and loving our characters more all the time.

Friday was the last day in the beautiful Emmanuel Hall and our last game of ‘4-square.’ In the penultimate round Jack declared it to be a rubbish game anyway, only to bring his momentary strop around into a shining victory. Si wins the prize for most aggressive and crafty player. Katie wins for consistency and most time in the top spot, Charice for her floor dives and acrobatic enthusiasm me for my….. errr emotional investment?!

It’s surprising how in a blink of an eye there’s a packet of chocolate digestive biscuits and then there isn’t. It’s surprising how quickly a wedge of script can turn into full blown, Rabbity Christmas show with all the trimmings for all the family.

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