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an exhibition

What is the name of your favourite toy?

How did you get it?

Have you ever lost it?

Where does it live now?

Inspired by our 2019 show The Velveteen Rabbit, here at Quirk Theatre we wanted to meet the favourite childhood companions of Exeter’s residents. We have collated these portraits into a beautiful, personal, celebratory exhibition called TOY, which you can see here on our website, and which premiered at Exeter Phoenix and Maketank in 2019.


Featuring the work of five brilliant local young photographers - Bronwyn, Eve, Annie, Ellie and Azna - mentored by photographer Nicky Thompson, over three intense (and intensely cute) sessions, these five young artists composed and photographed portraits of eighteen Exeter residents, of all backgrounds, each with their favourite toy or item.

TOY Gallery

Click on the portraits to read the unique stories behind each image.

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